I had sex with the pizza delivery guy

It was my birthday last week and my best friends wanted to go out and celebrate it, but I just wanted to stay home have some drinks, enjoy some sports, and just enjoy each other. They agreed since it was my birthday, we brought out the bottles of Hennessy and we started taking shots playing truth or dare ans just having a good time. I decided to order some pizza hut and we continued on playing or truth or dare game. We were starting to get buzzed , and my friends were starting to get more R rated as we continued to take shots. My friend dared me to make out with her so I did. She is very attractive to me. She has perfect blonde hair. Her breasts are medium sized well rounded perfect for a squeeze. Her lips tasted like cherry , she got hot and grabbed my breasts and started kissing my neck. My other friends killed the mood when they started chanting woah woah go to your room you nasties. They kept the fun going daring each other to do crazy things. They finally came back

I made myself squirt for the first time last night

  Last night when I went to bed I just couldn’t sleep at all, I felt really tired but I kept being awakened more and more by how horny I was getting. I had spent a lot of the day being lazy in bed, looking at a great porn tube site and teasing myself or masturbating. But now at night, I found myself desperate to touch myself again. Despite the fact that the housemate who sleeps in the room next to me was here last night, I decided I had to try to make myself squirt again (normally I wait until everyone is out). I couldn’t be bothered to set up on the floor this time (as I explained how I normally do in a previous post) as I was too cozy in bed. I was soaking before I had even touched myself. I felt desperate to feel the pressure of someone on top of me on the bed and a light grip around my neck maybe... I reached down inside my pyjamas and shuddered slightly feeling how wet I was. I circled my clit, teasing myself for a while, then faster until I was on the verge of orga